How To Turn Your Annual Income Into A Monthly Income!

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You – and the whole world – know about Bob. Now you can get to know him in person. Bob Proctor is the bestselling author of You Were Born Rich, the same respected teacher behind the hit movie, The Secret, and the world’s most sought-after speaker. Now he’s yours for a day. Come listen to Bob, talk to him, and learn the secrets other successful people already know.

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Bob has shown thousands how to turn their annual income into their monthly income. Now he’ll tell you exactly how you can do it in person. Do you want a better life? Who doesn’t? This event is all about you and what you’ve wanted to accomplish all of your life. Come sit at Bob’s VIP table. Ask him yourself just how you can make your life really happen!



"We've both had the pleasure of sharing many stages with Bob Proctor. It is a privilege because we believe he possesses a great and rich knowledge of how the mind can be programmed to operate at its fullest potential. No other teacher alive teaches these concepts as clearly and accurately."
Mark Victor Hansen,
Jack Canfield,
#1 Bestseller Chicken Soup for the Soul

"When I met Bob Proctor I was 20 years old, flat broke and heading in the wrong direction in life. In addition, I had no idea how I was going to build a life for myself that would have meaning and purpose. Well, it’s been twenty seven years since I first attended his program and what he taught me then and continued to teach me over the years has allowed me to make millions of dollars for myself and others while living an extraordinary fulfilling life."
John Assaraf,
New York Times Bestselling Author,
Founder of OneCoach, Inc.

“This man has the ability to reduce the most complicated concepts in life to the simplest form. He can and does explain how to turn any idea you can think of into physical results."
Vic Conant,
Nightingale-Conant Corporation

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